G&L Legacy Alpine White Electric Guitar

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Embrace vintage tone and modern versatility with the G&L Legacy Alpine White. Classic Alnico pickups, exceptional craftsmanship, and Leo Fender’s refinements make this guitar a timeless choice. Elevate your playing with the Dual-Fulcrum vibrato and PTB system for a truly inspiring experience.

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g&l legacy alpine white
G&L Legacy Alpine White Electric Guitar 2.100,00  Original price was: 2.100,00 €.1.785,00 Current price is: 1.785,00 €.

The G&L Legacy Alpine White embodies the perfect blend of vintage charm and modern refinement. This exceptional guitar features an alder body and a maple neck and fretboard, offering a superb combination of tonal warmth and playability.

Equipped with CLF-100 Alnico V pickups, the Legacy delivers the unmistakable chime and quack reminiscent of iconic ’50s guitars. The meticulous work of G&L’s Paul Gagon, inspired by Leo Fender’s original prints, ensures a faithful Alnico single-coil tone with exceptional craftsmanship.

Beyond its vintage-inspired pickups, the Legacy offers contemporary versatility with Leo’s PTB (Passive Treble and Bass) system. This innovative feature provides a wide range of tonal options across all three pickups, surpassing the limitations of traditional setups.

Designed by Leo Fender himself, the Dual-Fulcrum vibrato adds another level of expression and stability to the Legacy. With its engineering excellence and smooth aluminum vibrato arm, you can confidently bend notes in any direction.

The G&L Legacy Alpine White combines the timeless Alnico tone with Leo’s modern refinements, offering a guitar that captures the best of both worlds. With its exceptional quality and accessible price, the Legacy is a game-changer for every dedicated musician. Once you experience the G&L Tribute Series, you’ll never settle for less.

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