Fortin Amplification Zuul Mini Noise Gate


All the same features as the ZUUL but in mini form factor! The mini ZUUL’s threshold knob also controls the dynamics of the gate circuit. Perfect for guitar, bass or any signal source as it has studio quality specifications. Use in front of an amplifier or in a series effects loop. Dual colour LED for visual feedback gating action: Green = Open, Orange = Closed, Off = Bypass. The KEY input signal can be directly from your guitar (example split from ROACH or SPLIFF) or other signal source which lets you go from clean to high gain without changing the Threshold knob. This powerful feature lets you control the gate with a different signal than what flows through the input/output jacks of the ZUUL. Side switch (internal jumper or early versions) to change the threshold range to compensate for different input signal levels. Industry standard true bypass switching. Proudly made in North America.

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Fortin Amplification Zuul Mini Noise Gate
Fortin Amplification Zuul Mini Noise Gate 230,00 

The Fortin Amplification Zuul Mini Noise Gate is your answer to unwanted noise and interference on your guitar signal. Designed to provide clean and silent signal control, this compact pedal is perfect for both gigging musicians and studio recording sessions.

With precision and efficiency, the Zuul Mini Noise Gate effectively eliminates any unwanted noise, hum, or buzz from your signal chain. This means you can enjoy pristine tones without worrying about interference, making it an essential addition to any pedalboard setup.

Whether you’re playing live on stage or recording in the studio, the Fortin Amplification Zuul Mini Noise Gate ensures that your sound remains pure and unadulterated. Say goodbye to unwanted noise and hello to a consistently clean signal. Elevate your music with this essential noise control solution.

Pedal size (W/D/H): 3.642″(92.51mm) x 1.516″(38.51mm) X 1.220″(30.99mm)
Shipping Weight: 250g
Dynamic Range: 120dB
THD: 0.025%
Power Supply only, does not operate on battery
Adapter (not included): 9-12VDC @ 40mA, Center Pin Negative (Fully Regulated)

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