Fortin Zuul Black Out


The Fortin Zuul Blackout is a top-tier noise gate pedal designed for guitarists and bassists. This compact and sleek pedal excels at eliminating unwanted background noise, hum, and buzz, ensuring your signal remains clean and pristine. With threshold and release controls, you can fine-tune its performance to match your playing style. Its true bypass design preserves your guitar’s natural tone when the pedal is off, and its rugged build ensures durability in both live and studio settings. The Zuul Blackout is the perfect solution for achieving a noise-free and professional sound on your pedalboard.

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Fortin Zuul black out
Fortin Zuul Black Out 270,00 

The Fortin Amplification Zuul Black Out is an elite noise suppressor, offering top-tier noise reduction for musicians who demand pristine sound. This professional-grade pedal allows you to take complete control of your tone, making it perfect for both live stage performances and studio recording sessions.

The Zuul Black Out excels in eliminating unwanted noise, hum, and interference, ensuring that your signal remains pure and noise-free. With its precision and efficiency, this pedal is a must-have for guitarists and musicians who value high-quality sound.

Whether you’re performing on stage or working in the studio, the Fortin Zuul Black Out empowers you to maintain a consistently clean and interference-free signal. Say goodbye to unwanted noise and experience the freedom to shape your tone with this elite noise suppression solution. Elevate your music with the ultimate control over your sound.

Key features of the Fortin Zuul Blackout noise gate pedal include:

  1. Exceptional Noise Reduction: The Zuul Blackout is renowned for its precise noise reduction capabilities. It effectively eliminates unwanted hum, buzz, and background noise, ensuring a clean and noise-free signal path.
  2. Threshold and Release Controls: The pedal offers threshold and release controls, allowing you to fine-tune the noise gate’s sensitivity and response time to match your playing dynamics and style.
  3. Compact Design: Its compact and pedalboard-friendly design ensures it won’t take up much space on your pedalboard while delivering powerful noise reduction.
  4. True Bypass: The Zuul Blackout features true bypass switching, ensuring that it won’t color your tone when it’s turned off, preserving your guitar’s natural sound.
  5. Built to Last: Fortin is known for its durable and rugged pedal construction, ensuring that the Zuul Blackout can withstand the rigors of both live performances and studio use.
  6. Blackout Finish: The pedal’s blacked-out aesthetics give it a sleek and modern look that complements any pedalboard setup.

In summary, the Fortin Zuul Blackout noise gate pedal is a trusted solution for achieving a noise-free and pristine guitar or bass tone. With its precise noise reduction controls, compact design, and rugged build, it’s an essential tool for musicians who demand the highest signal quality and minimal noise interference in their playing. Whether you’re performing on stage or recording in the studio, the Zuul Blackout ensures your guitar or bass tone remains clear and noise-free.

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