Fishman Keith Merrow Set 6-String


The Fishman Keith Merrow Set 6-String is a premium pickup system tailored for six-string electric guitars. Designed in collaboration with guitarist Keith Merrow, it offers versatile multi-voice options, active electronics for clarity, and precise six-string performance. Whether you’re into rock, blues, or metal, this set delivers exceptional sonic quality, making it a must-have for guitarists looking to elevate their sound. Upgrade your guitar with the Fishman Keith Merrow Set 6-String and experience a new level of tonal versatility and precision.

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Fishman Keith Merrow Set 6-String
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Transform your 6-string guitar’s sound with the Fishman Keith Merrow 6-String Set. Crafted in collaboration with the renowned guitarist Keith Merrow, these pickups provide precision and power for musicians seeking a versatile tonal palette.

The Keith Merrow Set is designed to offer clarity and precision in your playing, making it suitable for various musical genres. These pickups deliver a tight low end and articulate high end, allowing you to express yourself with exceptional definition.

Installation is straightforward, and you’ll notice an immediate improvement in your guitar’s sound. Don’t settle for mediocre tones; unlock the potential of your 6-string guitar with the Keith Merrow 6-String Set. Whether you’re a professional or an enthusiastic guitarist, these pickups will help you achieve the precision and power you desire.

Active Multi Voice Pickup Set for Electric Guitar

  • Keith Merrow signature model
  • 2 Humbuckers
  • Medium output
  • 3 Voicings per pickup
  • Voicings on bridge pickup: Voice 1: Vintage PAF, Voice 2: Clear, airy sound, Voice 3: Punchy Single Coil
  • Voicings on neck pickup: Voice 1: Medium Output, Voice 2: Low Output PAF, Voice 3: Punchy Single Coil
  • Powered by 9V battery or rechargeable battery (available under article no. 358430, not included)
  • Connectors: 2-Wire
  • Magnet material: AlNiCo 5
  • Cap colour: Black
  • Includes 2 volume potentiometers and 2 push / pull tone pots (neck tone control: Pull for Voice-2 on both pickups, bridge tone control: Pull for single coil / voice-3 on both pickups)

In summary, the Keith Merrow Set 6-String is a top-tier pickup system designed to enhance the sound of six-string electric guitars. With its multi-voice options, active electronics, six-string precision, and exceptional sonic clarity, it provides a versatile tonal palette for guitarists across various musical styles. Whether you’re playing clean, crunch, or high-gain, this pickup set delivers outstanding performance, making it an excellent choice for guitarists seeking an upgrade in tone and versatility. Elevate your playing with the Keith Merrow Set 6-String.

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