Elixir Optiweb 19077 Light/ Heavy


The Elixir Optiweb 19077 Light/Heavy electric guitar strings are your ticket to tonal versatility and durability. Featuring a unique “Light/Heavy” gauge combination, they provide the perfect blend of easy bending for lead and powerful sustain for rhythm playing. Enhanced with Elixir’s Optiweb coating, these strings offer a smooth, natural feel while safeguarding against dirt and corrosion. Whether you’re a versatile guitarist or seeking a customized playing experience, these strings deliver the best of both worlds, ensuring consistent tone and lasting performance. Elevate your guitar playing with the Elixir Optiweb 19077 Light/Heavy strings.

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Elixir Optiweb 19077 Light/ Heavy electric guitar strings offer the best of both worlds for guitarists who crave versatility in their tone and performance. Crafted by Elixir, a trusted name in premium guitar strings, these strings are designed to cater to a wide range of playing styles and musical genres.

The “Light/Heavy” gauge is a unique feature of these strings, combining the lighter gauge for easier bending and articulation with the heavier gauge for added sustain and power. This makes them ideal for players who switch between rhythm and lead roles or for those who prefer a customized feel that accommodates both intricate melodies and powerful chords.

What sets the Elixir Optiweb 19077 Light/ Heavy apart is the innovative Optiweb coating. This specialized coating technology provides a smooth and natural feel while protecting the strings against dirt, sweat, and corrosion. As a result, these strings offer an extended lifespan compared to traditional uncoated strings, maintaining their tone and playability even after extensive use.

Whether you’re a versatile guitarist exploring different playing techniques or a musician who demands durability and tone consistency, the Elixir Optiweb 19077 Light/Heavy strings are an excellent choice. Elevate your guitar playing experience with these strings, designed to offer the best of both light and heavy gauges in a single set.

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