Laboga DS-20 Head


The Diamond Sound series has a wide bandwidth with incredible dynamics, captures articulation, and has a wide range of gain on the distortion channel. Therefore you can get a sound from blues to metal using only a guitar and cable. According to many leading Polish guitarists who participated in the design and shaping of the sound of this amplifier, it is one of the world’s best products in the class of tube amplifiers ever!

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Laboga DS-20 Head 1.700,00 

The consturion is a dual channel design, fully tube, Point-to-point. This technology enabled the designer (Adam Laboga) to realize all the construction plans and maintaining the sound of a hand-made amplifier built with traditional elements with the highest quality.

The clean channel has the “Bright” switch, which provides a choice of two different ranges to lighten the tone. With this solution, we can get sound from dark to bright and crystal clear.

The Mid Switch changes the parameters of the tone stack circuit. In each position of this switch a different frequency of the middle filter is applied, which also influences on the other frequencies. Both Mid Switch positions has a completely different sound character and different frequency operation. The first one gives smaller content of bass and it is similar to classic sound which is typical for middle gain tube amps. Second position gives the more middle focused sound. More The third is a radical change of the tone can be obtained especially with less “Middle” knob setting. It gives more low-mids. Distorted channel provides even more three sound varieties:

  • Blues, rock and hard rock.
  • Power Reduction 20W down to 10W in Aclass gives a super clean channel. It will put a new spirit to your guitars and effects.
  • We met guitarists needs that use stompboxes and equipped our amplifier with a serial effects loop.

The product above is the result of a 45-year-old tradition of “Laboga” Adam Laboga, in which are used experience, knowledge, and copyright technical solutions.

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20W with 10W reduction

Power Tubes

2 x 6V6, 3 x ECC83

Footswitch socket

Channel and loops, Switching on relays

Speaker output

1 x 16 ohm, 2 x 4 ohm, 2 x 8 ohm

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