Diril Shehrazad Crash Cymbal 19″


The Shehrazad serie is a mix from Primitive and HammerXL series. Cymbals are pretty dark, esplosive, trashy. They are light weight cymbals with a specific pattern raw/lathed on the top and fully lathed on the bottom, with heavy hammering on the nek.

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Diril Shehrazad Crash Cymbal 19"
Diril Shehrazad Crash Cymbal 19" 260,00 

The Diril Shehrazad 19″ Crash Cymbal is your ticket to experiencing expressive brilliance in your music. This cymbal offers versatile and captivating crash tones that can elevate your musical performance.

With the Shehrazad Crash Cymbal, you can add a rich and dynamic presence to your music. Whether you’re a drummer, percussionist, or any musician seeking a standout crash cymbal with expressive brilliance, this 19-inch cymbal provides a wide range of sonic possibilities.

Embark on a journey of expressive brilliance, experiment with your rhythms, and elevate your music with the Diril Shehrazad 19″ Crash Cymbal. This cymbal is your key to achieving a versatile and captivating sonic presence in your performances.

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