Diril Ice Ride Cymbal 22″


Last series added, Ice is a sort of natural evolution of the Primitive series. Cymbals full of dark and complex sound, with shiny edge and bell for more aggressive attack and presence. The lower raw side puts an extra-dry effect, making the sound darker and more controlled. Cymbals with a strong personality, designed for drummers looking for a high-impact but controlled and versatile sound.

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Diril Ice Ride Cymbal 22"
Diril Ice Ride Cymbal 22" 280,00 

The Diril Ice 22″ Ride Cymbal is a captivating piece of craftsmanship, meticulously designed for drummers who crave a distinctive and refreshing sound in their music. This cymbal stands out with its unique character, making it an excellent choice for those looking to create a memorable and crisp sonic experience.

Handmade with precision and care, the Diril Ice Ride Cymbal offers a sound that’s as unique as it is versatile. Its crisp and refreshing character delivers a distinctive sonic palette that’s perfect for drummers across various genres.

The 22″ size provides a balanced blend of control and power, making it suitable for various musical styles. Whether you’re exploring jazz, rock, or experimental genres, this cymbal responds with precision, adding a unique layer of character to your drumming.

Elevate your drumming experience and embrace the crisp and refreshing sound of the Diril Ice 22″ Ride Cymbal. It’s the perfect choice for drummers who seek to stand out and add a distinctive touch to their musical performances.

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