D’Addario EXL125


D’Addario EXL125 strings offer balanced tension with bright tone and excellent intonation. Ensuring even feel across all strings, they are crafted for stability and comfort.

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D'Addario EXL125
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Explore new sonic possibilities with the D’Addario EXL125 electric guitar strings, a hybrid set that combines light top strings with heavier bottom strings. This unique configuration offers a blend of easy bending and powerful, resonant lows, making it ideal for a wide range of musical styles, from rock and blues to metal and jazz.

The D’Addario EXL125 strings are crafted with precision and care to ensure consistent performance and reliability. The nickel-plated steel wrap wire produces a bright, articulate tone with excellent clarity and balance, while the high-carbon steel core provides durability and tuning stability. Whether you’re playing rhythm or lead, the EXL125 strings offer the perfect combination of feel and sound.

Experience the superior quality and versatility of the EXL125 strings. Each string is meticulously wound to deliver a smooth, comfortable playing experience. The hybrid gauge offers the best of both worlds, with light top strings for easy bending and heavy bottom strings for rich, powerful lows. Elevate your guitar’s sound with the EXL125 strings and enjoy the dynamic range and expressive capabilities that only D’Addario can provide.

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