Catalinbread Blood Donor Fuzz Pedal


The Blood Donor fuzz pedal from Catalinbread delivers snarling fuzz tones that tear out of your amp onto the stage, and it does it while contributing to a fantastic cause! Catalinbread has committed to donating 100% of profits generated from sales of Blood Donor pedals to the American Red Cross, so when you purchase a Blood Donor pedal, you’re also helping take care of our country’s most vulnerable citizens. And did we mention that it sounds incredible? Based on the Catalinbread’s renowned Katzenkönig fuzz pedal, Blood Donor is a hybrid of two venerable dirt boxes — the Tone Bender MkII fuzz and the Rat distortion pedal. With its four simple controls, it can go from crunchy saturation to cutting laser-like fuzz and grimy fuzzed-out sputters. It also features a few key updates to the Katzenkönig that make the most out of its innovative circuit, including a carefully selected transistor set that dials up the saturation, an improved noise floor, and an expanded input sensitivity range. At Sweetwater, we love companies that give back. So, we’re proud to offer the Blood Donor fuzz pedal from Catalinbread!


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Catalinbread Blood Donor Fuzz Pedal
Catalinbread Blood Donor Fuzz Pedal 235,00 

Modern controls for vintage-style tone

The Blood Donor’s topside knobs (named Please, Give, Your, and Blood) are easy to manipulate to achieve the sounds you want. At the front of the circuit is the Input sensitivity control (Blood) — think of it as a preamp gain control, limiting as you choose the amplitude of your guitar signal hitting the fuzz section. Gain control (Give) lets you push your tone more toward distortion or fuzz, depending on where you set the knob. Built with companderless circuitry, the volume control (Your) can be set low for late-night practice or cranked up for performance. And the filter control (Please) at the end of the circuit puts the finishing touches on your Blood Donor’s tone — clockwise for warm and wooly and counterclockwise for enhanced brightness.

Gear that makes you want to play

The self-avowed gearheads at Catalinbread focus on making musical devices that they want to use themselves — “gear that gets us excited and inspires us to play.” The result of that authentic focus and unwavering integrity is the type of innovation that isn’t market-driven; Catalinbread creates its own market for products players love, whether overdrive, delay/reverb, fuzz/distortion, or tremolo/modulation pedals. The Blood Donor fuzz pedal is an excellent example of Catalinbread’s exciting, inspiring innovation.

Catalinbread Blood Donor Fuzz Pedal Features:

  • Wide-ranging pedal provides tones from smooth and creamy to wailing, snarling fuzz
  • Combination of a Tone Bender MkII fuzz and a Rat distortion pedal
  • Works well with high-output humbuckers
  • Filter (Please), gain (Give), volume (Your), and input (Blood) controls for dialing in just the right sound
  • Carefully selected transistor set pushes the limits of saturation
  • Low noise floor for quiet operation
  • All-metal chassis and high-quality footswitch for long-lasting performance
  • Can be powered by a 9-volt battery or 9–18-volt external power supply (sold separately)
  • Made in the USA

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Distortion, Fuzz