Canopus Drums R.O.F Project – Aluminium – Chrome Plated Snare Drum 14×6″


The ROF project was started as an opportunity to ask the drummer directly to decide whether or not to faithfully reproduce the sound of the past, or to add a more current feeling to that sound. From the results of previous projects, we found that “that sound” – somewhat muffled and round, is an important element even in contemporary music that requires speed and impact.

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The Canopus Drums R.O.F Project Aluminium Chrome Plated Snare Drum, measuring 14×6 inches, is a testament to precision and craftsmanship in the world of percussion. This snare drum is a true work of art, meticulously designed to deliver an exceptional tonal experience. Its chrome-plated aluminum shell not only adds a touch of elegance but also contributes to the drum’s unique tonal character.

This snare drum’s versatile size makes it suitable for various music genres, from jazz to rock and beyond. Whether you’re unleashing powerful beats or crafting delicate rhythms, this snare drum offers a balanced, responsive sound that meets the demands of professional drummers and passionate enthusiasts.

From the studio to the stage, the Canopus Drums R.O.F Project Aluminium Chrome Plated Snare Drum shines in both performance and aesthetics. It’s more than an instrument; it’s an invitation to elevate your drumming experience with precision and exceptional tonal brilliance. Discover the true essence of refined percussion with this exceptional snare drum.

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