Canopus Drums – Maple – Charcoal Oil Snare Drum 14×4″


Finished in elegant Brown Bitter Oil, “The Maple” by Canopus is a staff favorite here at Drum Center of Portsmouth. This is one of those snare drums that will do it all. The shell is a tastefully thick at 10-plies of select maple. 8 premium, brass-plated single point lugs give it just the right balance of openness and tunability. It’s responsive and thick at lower tunings, and it screams when it’s cranked up. Flanged hoops allow the mellow overtones to shine through. Every serious player should have one of these in their arsenal.

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Canopus Drums - Maple - Charcoal Oil Snare Drum 14x4"
Canopus Drums - Maple - Charcoal Oil Snare Drum 14x4" 650,00 

The Canopus Drums Maple Charcoal Oil Snare Drum, measuring 14×4 inches, is a remarkable addition to any drummer’s toolkit. Crafted with precision and passion, this snare drum offers a unique tonal profile that sets it apart. The maple shell, known for its warm and versatile sound, provides a rich resonance that complements a wide range of musical styles.

This snare drum’s compact size is versatile, making it suitable for various music genres, from jazz to rock and beyond. Its exquisite construction ensures a well-balanced and precise sound that’s perfect for both studio recordings and live performances. Whether you’re a professional drummer or an enthusiastic hobbyist, the Canopus Drums Maple Charcoal Oil Snare Drum elevates your drumming experience to a new level.

From its stunning design to its exceptional sound quality, this snare drum is a testament to Canopus Drums’ commitment to excellence. It’s not just an instrument; it’s a gateway to enhanced sound quality and a world of sonic versatility. Elevate your drumming journey with the Maple Charcoal Oil Snare Drum and experience the true essence of refined musical brilliance.

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