Two Notes Audio Engineering C.A.B. M+ AMP Simulator Pedal


Streamline your instrument setup with the uber powerful Two Notes Torpedo C.A.B. M+ amp simulator pedal. Get stunning pedal platform clean amp tones for guitar or bass, matched with official Celestion, Victory Amps, REVV and ENGL DynIR virtual cabinets and more. Previously just a cabinet simulator pedal, the Two Notes C.A.B. M+ has been upgraded to a full-on amp in a tiny box! The pedal now packs a stunning original clean preamp based on a ’74 Silverface B’man – the perfect foundation to a pedalboard rig. Dial in your tone across a five-band EQ with four tube options. Also onboard are new post-EQ enhancers, a tuner, additional reverbs and noise gate. All work seamlessly with the vast selection of eight power amps and 32 pre-loaded virtual cabinets running on famed Torpedo DynIR technology. Lugging around heavy speaker cabs is a price we’ve had to pay for pure guitar tone – up until now. The Torpedo C.A.B. M+ negates our cab mic’ing frustrations with an intuitive, quick-dial solution. Customise your sound from a choice of 32 pre-loaded virtual cabs, eight microphones and 12 room options. Load up your own cabinet IRs thanks to 512 additional memory slots or thousands onto the included memory card. Blend two IRs with minimum latency. Bring any music style to life. Control all parameters from the bright-lit C.A.B. M+ screen or use the excellent Torpedo remote software on your smartphone or PC. Dial in your tone without moving an inch. Not enough space at home? Physical cabinets too loud? The C.A.B. M+ has a headphones output for quiet sessions and aux in to play along with backing tracks. Complete with ground lift switch to eliminate electrical interference.

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Two Notes Audio Engineering C.A.B. M+ AMP Simulator Pedal 280,00 

Effects Pedal

Use your favourite pedals and reproduce their interaction with an amplifier and cabinet or connect the speaker output of your amplifier to the Torpedo CAB M input and the speaker output of the CAB M to your cab for a flexible DI out directly in a PA or audio interface consistent with every show, studio session or rehearsal without the hassle of microphones and cables.

  • Speaker simulation
  • 32 Two Notes virtual cabinets
  • 8 Microphone, 8 power amplifier, and 8 room simulations are already preinstalled
  • The Torpedo Remote software gives you access to all parameters, including loading and saving presets
  • Load new IRs and update firmware from mobile device or computer
  • Controls: Parameter / Preset, Value / Volume
  • Push buttons: Ground Lift
  • Switch: Input level
  • OLED display
  • Mains adapter connection (barrel connector 5.5 x 2.1 mm, negative polarity inside)
  • Current consumption: 300 mA
  • Power supply via 12 V DC power adapter (included)
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 96 x 121 x 63 mm
  • Weight: 450 g
  • Incl. license for Torpedo Wall of Sound & 32 DynIR Cabinets

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