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Easy to use drum/cymbal gel dampening system to control unwanted over ring and tone. Can be easily cut to achieve the desired amount of dampening whether using it live or in the studio. Buzz Kill is super-tacky, so it can be used on both batter and resonant heads. Reusable and can be easily cleaned with water when dirty. Each Buzz Kill pack comes with 6 Buzz Kill gels. Also available: Buzz Kill Extra Dry features more weight and mass, which makes it an ideal choice for larger drums. Great for getting that funky, super-flat snare drum sound. Drastically reduces cymbal wash and overtones to produce dry, articulate sticking (especially on a ride cymbal).

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Vater Buzz Kill Mute Pack 11,00 

“Vater’s Buzz Kill and Buzz Kill Dry dampeners offer a clear, nearly invisible alternative. They’re round, super-tacky, easy to apply and remove, and infinitely reusable. They can be placed on batter heads, resonant heads, cymbals, cowbells…. The Buzz Kill is 1.25″ wide and about .1875″ thick. Providing more muffling, the Buzz Kill Dry is 1.5″ wide and .25″ thick. Both worked great to provide a little or a lot of tone control, and they stayed put and didn’t leave any residue behind.” – Modern Drummer Magazine

“Vater’s Buzz Kill’s are brilliant little things and perfect for my gig! These dampers give me the control over any unwanted rattle sound from my snare, toms, bass drum and even my cymbals! My sound guys are happy and so am I!” – Didi Negron [Cirque du Soleil’s Amaluna]

“The Buzz Kills have been a very important part of my setup in the studio and on the road. I use them both on the drums and cymbals. I have 1 permanently on my ride cymbal to shorten the decay, which in turn creates space in the FOH mix. I also love how quickly I can get a controllable sound from my shells with very little effort. “ – Mike Avaneim

“Long gone are the days of gaff tape muffling! I use Vater Buzzkills on both drums AND cymbals. The clear BuzzKills are much less distracting too!” – Tim Soya [Drum tech for Tim Alexander of Primus]

“The Buzz Kill Gels work great. I love that they are clear and blend right into the head. They help me quickly get rid of any unwanted overtones and instantly focus the sound of my drums.” – Keith Zebroski (Miranda Lambert)

“The Buzz Kills have helped me find the perfect balance of control and openness that I’ve been looking for both live and in the studio. Most recently I have been using two of the Buzz Kill Extra Dry to tame my 5″x16” mahogany snare. They have been the perfect companion for keeping a big beefy note but maintaining the attack in this beastly drum.” – Justin Glasco [The Lone Bellow]

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