Bosphorus Turk Trash Crash Cymbal 20″


Offers a dark raw voice with a completely unlathed and hand hammered finish.

Exotic stick sound makes this cymbal a perfect addition to any traditional setup as an effects cymbal or as a primary instrument for the player seeking a dark esoteric sound.

Turk Series provides the sophisticated player with an instrument that delivers heightened response and intense aural nuance.

Turk Series with their exotic, earthy stick sound and reduced overtones are visually stunning with straight from the oven coloration. A cool primary voice, or a daring addition to a conventional setup.

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Bosphorus Turk Trash Crash Cymbal 20"
Bosphorus Turk Trash Crash Cymbal 20" 325,00 

The Bosphorus Turk Trash 20″ Crash Cymbal is your ticket to a raw and edgy sonic edge in your music. This cymbal offers unique and impactful crash tones that can elevate your musical performance.

With the Turk Trash Crash Cymbal, you can add a distinctive and edgy character to your music. Whether you’re a drummer, percussionist, or any musician seeking a standout crash cymbal with a raw sonic edge, this 20-inch gem provides a wide range of expressive possibilities.

Explore a world of raw sonic expression, experiment with your rhythms, and elevate your music with the Bosphorus Turk Trash 20″ Crash Cymbal. This cymbal is your gateway to achieving a unique and edgy sonic impact in your performances.

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