Bosphorus New Orleans Splash Cymbal 10″


Captures the pure raw sound of historic New Orleans. Hand hammered and completed, top and bottom, with a continuous spiral from center to edge. This pronounced wide lathing technique results in a cymbal that produces focused woody ride sounds and quick, dry crashes. A must-have cymbal for the studio musician.

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Bosphorus New Orleans Splash Cymbal 10"
Bosphorus New Orleans Splash Cymbal 10" 90,00 

Immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of New Orleans with the 10″ Bosphorus New Orleans Splash Cymbal. This cymbal is designed to infuse your drumming with the lively and rhythmic spirit of this iconic city.

Crafted with precision and passion, the Bosphorus New Orleans Splash Cymbal delivers a unique blend of character and projection. Its 10″ size ensures a quick and dynamic response, making it ideal for adding that distinctive New Orleans flair to your music. Whether you’re playing jazz, funk, or any genre that calls for expressive accents, this cymbal is your perfect companion.

With the Bosphorus New Orleans Splash Cymbal, you’re not just getting an instrument; you’re embracing a musical tradition. Its craftsmanship is a testament to the rich cultural heritage of New Orleans, and it will transport your audience to the heart of the city’s vibrant musical scene.

Elevate your drumming with the Bosphorus New Orleans Splash Cymbal – 10 Inch and infuse your music with the lively spirit of the Big Easy. Order yours today and let your drumming journey take on a new and exciting rhythm.

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