Bosphorus Master Hi-Hat Cymbal 14″


Like all Bosphorus CymbalsMaster Series are completely hand made from the casting process through the final hammering, not one step is relegated to a machine. The alloy is from an ancient formula passed down by many generations of cymbal smiths. It gives these instruments a soft, “played-in” feel. Most importantly, the Master Series are much thinner than today’s heavier weighted cymbals. You’ll see the characteristic “wobble” made by the cymbal’s edge when played. Listen for the woody stick sound and the deep mysterious tone. Feel the dark warm spread underneath. Unlock your creative potential and explore new levels of expression with genuine hand-crafted musical instruments from Bosphorus.

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Bosphorus Master Hi-Hat Cymbal 14"
Bosphorus Master Hi-Hat Cymbal 14" 360,00 

The 14″ Bosphorus Master Hi-Hat Cymbal is a testament to the art of cymbal craftsmanship. With its precision design and exceptional sound quality, it’s the choice of drummers looking to elevate their performance to the highest level.

This cymbal represents the pinnacle of sound quality and versatility. It responds to your touch with finesse, allowing you to craft a wide range of tones and rhythms. Whether you’re a professional drummer or an enthusiast, the Bosphorus Master Hi-Hat Cymbal is the key to mastering your sound.

Crafted from top-quality materials, this cymbal is built to withstand the rigors of live performances and studio recordings. It’s the perfect addition to your drum kit if you’re seeking to achieve the ultimate mastery in your drumming. Elevate your sound and take your drumming to new heights with the 14″ Bosphorus Master Hi-Hat Cymbal.

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