Anasounds Cerberus – Custom Overdrive


The swiss army knife of your pedalboard. Very transparent overdrive that keeps all the quality of your clear sound while finding the desired saturated harmonics. 3 steps for 3 clipping, jazz, blues or rock style. Inside, a potentiometer will allow you to completely transform your overdrive from a very transparent sound to a warm distortion!

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Anasounds Cerberus – Custom Overdrive
Anasounds Cerberus – Custom Overdrive 219,00 

The Anasounds Cerberus Custom Overdrive is a pedal crafted for discerning musicians seeking the ultimate tone. This meticulously handcrafted overdrive is designed to take your guitar’s sound to new heights. Whether you’re a blues player, rock enthusiast, or experimental musician, the Cerberus will become an essential part of your rig.

With a unique combination of gain control, tone shaping, and sustain, the Cerberus allows you to sculpt your sound with precision. It delivers warm, harmonically rich overdrive that retains the character of your instrument while adding a touch of magic to your notes.

Built with passion and expertise, the Cerberus is housed in a sturdy and visually stunning enclosure, making it a focal point of your pedalboard. Its intuitive controls and top-quality components ensure a seamless and enjoyable playing experience. Don’t settle for ordinary overdrive – step into the realm of tonal bliss with the Anasounds Cerberus Custom Overdrive.


To adjust the frequency range of your tone potentiometer.


Choose whether you want a fifth diode or not on the second position of the clipping selector. Then, you will get asymmetrical clipping.


The famous setting that changes all the sound of your drive. This is the frequency from which the circuit saturates. Below this frequency, the overdrive only adds volume. Above, it adds dBs and saturation.


Controls light intensity.


From clean to saturation.


Up to + 12dB.


Initially focused on a medium-high range.


1st selector’s position (left) : soft clipping led.

2nd selector’s position (middle) : hard clipping with 4 or 5 small threshold voltage silicon diodes.

3rd step (right) : hard clipping with 2 high threshold voltage silicon diodes.

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Distortion, Overdrive