ABASI Legion Larada Osteon White Electric Guitar


The Abasi Legion Larada – Osteon White is the brand’s most cost-effective package so far and it includes all of Larada’s essential high-end features: basswood bodies, wenge necks, ebony fingerboards, and Fishman Fluence Tosin Abasi pickups. As standard, these guitars come with a slim “U” neck profile and a Gotoh 510 bridge, providing a perfect blend of comfortable playability and unwavering stability. All guitars are fitted with Abasi Concepts locking tuners and D’Addario NYXL strings.

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Introducing the Abasi Legion Larada – Osteon White, a revolutionary and cost-effective package that brings together the essential high-end features of the Larada series. Crafted with precision and innovation, these guitars embody the cutting-edge vision of Tosin Abasi and his passion for pushing the boundaries of guitar design.

At the heart of the Legion Larada is the combination of basswood bodies and wenge necks, a powerful pairing that delivers exceptional tone and resonance. The basswood body offers a balanced tonal spectrum with a warm low-end, clear mids, and a crisp high-end, making it the ideal canvas for showcasing your musical expression. The wenge neck adds to the guitar’s sonic prowess, offering rich sustain and a smooth, responsive feel that allows for effortless playing.

Designed for uncompromising performance, the ebony fingerboard adds a touch of elegance and delivers a smooth playing surface that ensures every note rings out with clarity and precision. This luxurious combination of tonewoods results in a guitar that is as visually stunning as it is sonically impressive.

Equipped with Fishman Fluence Tosin Abasi pickups, the Legion Larada offers unparalleled versatility and tonal range. These pickups are the product of a dynamic collaboration between Tosin Abasi and Fishman, meticulously engineered to deliver everything from pristine cleans to crushing distortion. Experience an exceptional range of tones, from the warm and expressive to the aggressive and cutting-edge, all at your fingertips.

As a testament to the Legion Larada’s commitment to top-tier performance, each guitar features a slim “U” neck profile and a Gotoh 510 bridge. The slim “U” neck profile offers a comfortable and ergonomic grip, allowing for smooth and fluid playing across the entire fretboard. The Gotoh 510 bridge ensures unwavering stability, providing precise intonation and reliable tuning, even during the most intense performances.

For added convenience and reliability, all guitars are fitted with Abasi Concepts locking tuners, ensuring quick and hassle-free string changes while maintaining rock-solid tuning stability. To further enhance your playing experience, each guitar comes strung with D’Addario NYXL strings, renowned for their exceptional tone, tuning stability, and long-lasting durability.

With the Abasi Legion Larada – Osteon White, you have the perfect blend of craftsmanship, innovation, and cutting-edge technology at your disposal. Embrace the opportunity to wield an instrument that represents the pinnacle of guitar design, carefully curated by one of the industry’s most visionary artists. Step into a world of sonic possibilities and embark on a musical journey like never before with the Abasi Legion Larada – Osteon White.

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