Enter a world of ambient swirling landscapes with our modulation and delay pedals, and descend to steaming hot and fiery distortion or sweet liquid overdrive from our other sound creators.

Boutique pedals from France with a unique twist to them and their fresh sound.

With the bee as their main symbol, all effects are hand made with a warm sound of a bee swarm, or the roar when in attack mode. Unique sounding!

cbtype white logo
Handmade “mechanisms of music” as the company likes to call their effects pedals, made in the USA.
Best known company for weird, spacey, out of this world sounds from the USA. Try one and see.

Denmark brings us classy cool sounds.

logo KMA

A small German company with a big sound footprint.

meris logo white mid

The best ethereal sounds for guitars and keyboards.

logo walrus
Walrus Audio is a collective of artists, musicians and engineers attempting to find the balance between art and performance in sound manipulation.