Our amplifiers come in small lunch box style compacts that pack a huge punch or larger classic styles to provide clean tones to darker full overdrive and distortion.
We also provide leading class modeller amps such as Kemper for the more progressive musician of today.
Our cabinets mainly use Celestion speakers in various combinations to appeal to all styles of music in standard as well as custom-made cabs in different colours and materials.


Born and bred in the UK by well known Martin Kidd, Victory is perhaps the premium boutique style amp, hand made in the UK, and one of the best in the world, giving all tones required for today’s music.

laboga amps

Straight from Poland, well known for quality amplification and cables, this family company created by Adam is today continued by his son Eryk Laboga, with a focus on heavier style amps with a big bite and huge presence for the world of rock and metal, but also providing hand wired models for clean superior sound.


From Finland we bring you the premium amp, cabinets and effect processor company Dark Glass.
Today’s choice for a modern bass sound.

Work class expression and volume pedals from the USA as well as leading FRFR cabs and amps for modellers.