No instrument will sound its best without the right pick, cable, stick, head or string to make it sing.
Our accessories complete each guitar bass or amp to bring its best out.

providence logo
Best guitar cables from Japan. No other words are necessary when Guthrie Govan, Gus G, Mike Landau and others use them.
laboga amps

Laboga from Poland also make their own cables to ensure the authentic passage of sound from source to speaker.

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Custom made cables from the USA in beautiful colours for guitars, speakers and microphones.
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ChickenPicks are unique in their design and manufacturing process. Unique thermosetting plastic material, longer lasting and more comfort. The beveled edges allow the pick to glide on and off the string effortlessly making it easier to play.
gravity logo
Hand-Shaped and Polished by professionals in the USA. Acrylic grips very well as has the ability to glide across the strings with very little resistance. Instant tone Improvement.
rotosound logo

Classic string sounds from a classic USA string company, famous for its involvement in the evolution of rock to today’s sound.

optima logo
Real gold on these premium strings make for a rich full sound favoured by legends such as Frank Zappa and Brian May. Well worth trying out.